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thinprint paper & roman paper.


Thinprint paper and novelprint.

innovative and passionate

We are a unique company because we print Bibles on lightweight paper with inkjet. The production process is controlled by an innovative workflow that enables automated production from digital file to book. The specific characteristics of lightweight paper, binding techniques and premium finishing demand craftsmanship and quality. Our enthusiasm, flexibility and passion characterise our team.

Customer-oriented and specific solutions.

Bibles and books

We work for Bible publishers all over the world. We print and bind missionary Bibles, handheld Bibles, deluxe and study Bibles. We also produce print-on-demand theological literature and Christian books. We offer publishers across the globe a total solution that satisfies their specific needs.

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Printing and binding van
Bibles and books

Digital ordering environment, customer-specific with insight into your ordering process and inventories.
Innovative printing process based on inkjet for thinprint paper and novelprint paper.
Variety of binding options and innovative binding methods ensure delivery of high-quality Bibles and books.
Bibles and books with diverse finishing options, such as hard and soft covers in different materials and colours, gilt edging, tabs, ribbons, embossing, round back, and more.
The automated process ensures short delivery times and high quality Bibles and books.

The certainties
of Pretore

Pretore offers its customers a number of guarantees. From simple ordering in a transparent manner to ease of use of the digital ordering environment and speed of delivery at a lower investment (no stock and lower logistics costs).

Our stable production method and the continuous quality control and analysis create a high degree of reliability and efficiency.

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