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Pretore, your print solution Bibles & books.

Full control of your orders.

Pretore innovative and quality conscious

Due to the high degree of automation and the workflows developed for that purpose, Pretore produces high-quality Bibles and books. Our working methods ensure short delivery times and a consistent and reliable production process.

A cost-saving business model for you.

Why do business with Pretore?

Our production process is ideally suited to the production and distribution of your print runs and offers you great added value as a publisher. You can publish Bibles and books with ease and without stock, thus avoiding capital locked up in stocks and warehouse costs.

Print runs

Larger print runs and partial deliveries are possible, or small print runs that result in lower or even no stocks. And on top of that we offer short delivery times.


Ordering from your customer portal and advance insight into prices, delivery times and your iron stocks.


Exact printing of what you require on lightweight paper. Specific designs, refinements and premium materials are part of our core business.

Delivery times

Our delivery times are short due to our efficient working methods and usage of the latest digital technologies. We offer concrete delivery times upon ordering.

Stock management

With Printing-on-Demand you reduce your inventories, avoid unnecessary logistics costs and the ageing of Bibles and books.

Skilled and according to the latest working methods.

The advantages of our working method