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Involvement in the creation of a valuable product.

Innovation and passion
are at the heart of our mission

Pretore distinguishes itself by printing digital files on thinprint paper. This requires special knowledge and innovative production conditions. Our Research & Development department is busy every day to come up with innovative solutions. We do this together with international partners in the field of printing technology and finishing.

Due to the appearance of very light weight paper, it was not possible to produce traditional Bibles using inkjet before. Thanks to this new technique and cooperation with professional parties such as Canon, this has finally become a reality. This offers many advantages, such as the possibility of Printing-on-Demand. Not only in large, but also in small print runs. For our customers, this means limited or no stock management, no unnecessary logistic costs and the prevention of obsolete inventories of Bibles and books. Our team of professionals and data developers is characterised by a high degree of commitment and technical insight. Highly trained specialists who have only one goal; to meet the highest quality criteria.

In addition to the digital printing of Bibles, we have extensive knowledge of producing books. Here, too, our production method and flexibility add value as well. You choose from the various options. The designs, quality, ease of ordering and low total cost make it very attractive to place your order with Pretore.
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The Certainties
of Pretore

At Pretore, we provide our customers with numerous guarantees. Our services ensure:
Our stable production methods, combined with continuous quality control and analysis, ensure high reliability and efficiency.
The certainties of Pretore
High-quality production at Pretore

Expertise and the latest techniques.


Of course, there are more companies that print on the basis of data files. There are also printing companies that can produce Bibles by means of offset printing. So why would you choose Pretore? We give you seven good arguments.
Pretore stands out for its flexibility. For example, it is possible to print on thinprint paper in small print runs, but also in large print runs that can be ordered in small quantities. Partial deliveries as part of a large order
This way you benefit from Printing-on-Demand. A variable form of production. Completely automated with an astonishing quality. The price is not higher than for traditional offset printing. We visualise the hidden costs, so you can calculate the financial benefits. Less investment and lower inventory levels.
No inventories means no risk. Automatic order processing provides insight into agreements, delivery times and prices. If desired, we can manage your logistics processes. We are a Dutch manufacturer with high standards and values. Our business organisation deals sustainably with raw materials, residual products and personnel. We stand for our values. Every day again.
We only produce when you place the order. There is no capital expenditure and inventory costs. Our strength also lies in our clear agreements. Data files are checked for errors and seamless processing of your order is in the offing. Fast delivery times guarantee that there will be no stagnation in the chain. There is no limit to the print run.
Not only our printing process but also the folding and sewing technique makes our product unique. In our approach we take our years of experience in the printing industry and combine this with our own innovations and partnerships to ensure a premium look for our Bibles and books. Compact, sturdy and handy. Whether it is a luxury version or a simple edition.
Finishing is possible in various ways and with various bindings or soft covers: plastic, laminated or non-laminated or a leather binding. Hardbound with straight or rounded spine. Paper cover and synthetic cover. Sewn or bound. In short, we can always satisfy the customer’s specific wishes. We always guarantee a Bible or book that opens nicely and has a long life.
With Printing-on-Demand you can opt for low customer-specific print runs, but also for high print runs in partial deliveries. This always means a cost reduction in storage and inventory and it prevents unnecessary aging of your stock of Bibles and books.