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At Canon, we’re always looking for innovation, not just in our own technologies but also in the marketplace. We like to work with partners who enable us to develop new markets. Pretore is a perfect match between our market knowledge and expertise and Canon’s solutions and experience, enabling us to bring a completely new concept to market. Bibles and Christian literature are currently produced almost exclusively in offset, due in part to the physical characteristics of their appearance, in which the use of very lightweight paper is a crucial factor. Until recently, processing this kind of paper was not possible with inkjet, but with the introduction of the Canon ColorStream 8000 series, digital production of Bibles has finally become a reality.

For many years our high-volume inkjet solutions have been used to produce millions of books every year in the Netherlands alone. Book printers and publishers are able to deliver on-demand, with very short delivery times, and even in one print run, thanks to the use of digital technology. We are happy to use this experience and knowledge to further develop Pretore’s new concept.
“We are extremely proud to be able to contribute to this project of Pretore and are convinced that as partners we will make it a great success!”