Pretore, your print solution Bibles & books.

Specialised and high-quality Bibles and books.

with unique solutions

Pretore offers unique solutions in the field of Printing-on-Demand. By digitising and automating the process in an innovative way, a high level of quality is created. We set high standards for the end product. Quality control during and after the production process guarantees quality experience, durability and user pleasure.


Specific dimensions, thinprint paper, sewn binding, special covers and supplies (ribbon, capital band, foil stamping, embossing, colour trimming and rounded corners).


Specific dimensions, novelprint paper, sewn binding hard cover and supplies (ribbon, capital ribbon, embossing and hot stamping).


Specific dimensions, novelprint paper, perfect binding with cardboard cover and supplies (foil and embossing).

Printing-on-Demand on thinprint paper is our speciality.


Demand the highest quality and our production methods can cope with that. With our business partners and our own employees have developed a process that guarantees top products. Our Bibles surpass Bibles produced in the traditional way. We are happy to make this happen. Discover it yourself and place a test order without any obligation.
Product voorbeeld bijbel met uitleg
Product voorbeeld boek


Books & Paperbacks

By means of our Printing-on-Demand solutions we can produce books and paperbacks in different formats, print runs and versions. Hardcover and paperbacks. Fast and of high quality. Besides our focus on Bibles, Christian books are also part of our product range. We want to be the print partner for publishers of Bibles and Christian books.

A personal touch that can go far.


Personalised Bibles with extra attention value. We offer a wide range of choices in binding material, ribbon, finishing and gold foil. We produce special editions, thematic editions or limited editions, tailor-made for you. You decide on the design, content and quality and we will make it happen.